Bangalore Guide: Utility For Days

By: Buzz
Edited by: U.GG Sircretions

Bangalore is the soldier champion of Apex Legends. She’s excels at controlling the flow of battle by deploying multiple smokescreens while also being able to bombard enemies with artillery strikes.

Bangalore Abilities &
When To Use Them
tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher
Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.

With 2 charges, Smoke Launcher has multiple uses in the battlefield. Bangalore can utilize the smokescreen as an escape from unwanted fights, cover while reviving downed teammates, or even offensively to blind enemies as her squad push towards them.

For style points, the Smoke Launcher projectile canisters causes 10 damage on impact. Which can be arguably more effective in showing off battlefield domination than a finisher execution.

passive Ability: Double Time
Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

Taking fire while sprinting briefly increases Bangalore’s movement speed. This makes Bangalore a very dangerous close quarters opponent while at the same excellent at disengagements due to her fast retreat speed.

Double Time offers support to strafing as well. In close up fights moving from left to right with Double time active makes her an even harder target to hit.

ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder
Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

This ability can be a double-edged sword. While the delayed explosions can damage opponents, Bangalore can take damage from the exploding shells herself. While Rolling Thunder doesn’t directly damage her teammates, it does cause a nasty slowing effect, accompanied by disorientating vision, if Bangalore, her teammates, or enemies are hit by an explosion. I recommend using Rolling Thunder before a big push or even to escape by creating a gap between Bangalore and her opponents.

Try to utilize Rolling Thunder to force enemy squads out from high ground or other advantageous positions. If caught between 2 squads, Bangalore can use Rolling Thunder on one squad, forcing them to reposition, while she and her team rush to engage the other.

Bangalore Weapon Combinations

Weapon combinations comes down to personal preference and should be heavily based upon your play style, as well as your team composition. Fights can break out within Bangalore’s smokescreen, making the legendary 1x digital threat optic ideal for close range as she will be able to see enemies highlighted within the smokescreen through the legendary optic’s sites.

Mastiff (or Peacekeeper)/R-99 (or R-301 Carbine)
For rushing into the smokescreen
Kraber (or G7 Scout)/R-99
Precision from afar with a punch up close
Bangalore Legend Synergy

Bangalore and her smokescreens are great when paired up with Bloodhound, as his Beast of the Hunt will allow him to quickly identify enemies trying to hide within.

Bangalore’s smokescreen also works well in causing confusion with Wraith’s and Caustic’s abilities, never giving opponents a chance for reprieve.