Bloodhound Guide: Hunt Your Enemies

By: MrShini
Edited by: U.GG Sircretions

Bloodhound is the Intel gathering and Hunting champion of the Apex Legends. They excel at tracking down enemies and are amazing to combo with a mobile, fast moving team to chase down other squads.

Bloodhound Abilities &
When To Use Them
tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather
Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you.

Once activated, Bloodhound will scan the area in front of him, briefly revealing the location of enemies, traps, and clues. This includes cold tracks, which are clues that have since expired and are no longer visible. Use Eye of the Allfather whenever Bloodhound is about to enter a building or area that could have enemies lurking within. Even in a smokescreen, Eye of the Allfather will give Bloodhound an idea of where hostiles are located. However, using Bloodhound’s tactical ability emits an expanding wave in the shape of a cone towards the direct he’s facing, which will alert enemies in the area who were hit by the scan.

passive Ability: Tracker
See tracks left behind by your foes.

There will be clues on the ground for for Bloodhound to find throughout the game. The clues are where enemies recently healed, lost HP, vaulted, and fired their weapon. Each clue also has a visual timer, which indicates just how long ago the enemy left it. Use Tracker to stalk Bloodhound’s prey and constantly feed information on enemy whereabouts to squadmates.

ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt
Enhances your senses, allowing you move faster and highlighting your prey.

When activated, Bloodhound turns into the ultimate hunter, allowing them to see enemies, clues, and even cold tracks highlighted with a red thermal vision. Additionally while Beast of the Hunt is active, Bloodhound’s movement speed is increased allowing them to easily catch fleeing prey.

A quick way to find enemies is to have Bloodhound use Beast of the Hunter, ride up a balloon zipline, look around the wider area, and mark the location of the highlighted red enemies scurrying below.

Another aggressive use of Bloodhound’s ultimate is to simply chase down enemies that are try to hide in smokescreens, which are visible only to those with Beast of the Hunt active.

Bloodhound Weapon Combinations

Weapon combinations comes down to personal preference and should be heavily based upon your play style, as well as your team composition. Bloodhound can make use of a variety of loadouts. However, I recommend close to mid-range loadouts as Bloodhound can easily stumble upon an enemy squad while tracking their movements.

Mastiff (or Peacekeeper)/M600 Spitfire (or Devotion)
For close encounters while tracking prey
Wingman/R-99 (or R-301 Carbine)
For Precise shots and controlled damage
Bloodhound Legend Synergy

Any aggressive squad would love to have a Bloodhound for the extra intel the tracker provides.

Wraith makes for a great squadmate, as Bloodhound can identify where an enemy team is, and Wraith’s portals can quickly deliver the squad right up and into the action.

Bloodhound works especially well with Bangalore, as Beast of the Hunt will allow Bloodhound to see enemies within Bangalore’s smoke.

Mirage can also greatly benefit from Bloodhound’s intel. Knowing exactly where an enemy squad is lurking makes it easy for Mirage to set up a satisfying bamboozle, catching the enemy off guard.