Caustic Guide: Chemical Warfare

By: Jasonblyde
Edited by: U.GG Sircretions

Caustic is the mad scientist champion of Apex Legends. Always developing new gases, he’s constantly on the lookout for new test subjects. All of Caustic’s abilities focus on the use of his poisonous Nox gas, which chips away at the health of enemies.

Caustic Abilities &
When To Use Them
tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap
Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.

Caustic can place up to six gas canisters that lie in wait to be triggered or shot in order to be activated. When one of the Nox Gas Traps activates, it emits toxic gas in the immediate area that saps away at enemies HP. These can be used to lock down a chokepoint, which keeps enemies from advancing, or to trap opponents within an area forcing them to venturing into the Nox gas to escape.

Nox Gas Traps can also be used to create cover. Caustic can place one next to a downed teammate, shoot it, and it will emit a poison gas smokescreen the enemy won’t want to deal with.

Another creative use of these Nox Gas Trap is to place the canisters in front of doors, trapping an enemy inside or locking them out of a particular area.

passive Ability: Nox Vision
Allows you to see enemies through your gas.

Caustic can see all enemies that pass through his Nox gas. This is perfect for those close quarters fights inside buildings and bunkers. Additionally, Caustic cannot be hurt by his own gas.

ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade
Blankets a large area in Nox gas.

Caustic throws a grenade that deploys his Nox gas over a large area. This can be used more offensively than the Nox Gas Traps as the grenade can be thrown towards an enemy squad, covering their whole area in gas, forcing them to move elsewhere.

Caustic Weapon Combinations

Weapon combinations comes down to personal preference and should be heavily based upon your play style, as well as your team composition. My recommendation is to utilize close range weapons as Caustic wants to be fighting very close to his traps and within his Nox Gas fields.

Mastiff (or Peacekeeper)/R-99 (or R-301 Carbine)
For close encounters within the Nox Gas
R-99 (or R-301 Carbine)/M600 Spitfire (or Devotion)
Control at close range and sustain at mid range
Caustic Legend Synergy

Caustic works very well with a Bangalore and Bloodhound. His Nox gas combined with Bloodhounds smoke screens can turn the battlefield into a hazy nightmare for opponents all while Bloodhound pinpoints victims inside with Beast of the Hunt.