Gibraltar Guide: Shields & Bombs

By: MrShini
Edited by: U.GG Sircretions

Gibraltar is the gentle giant Champion in Apex Legends. He’s bigger and slower moving than other champions but excels at getting his squad out dangerous situations.

Gibraltar Abilities &
When To Use Them
tactical Ability: Dome of Protection
Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.

Gibraltar throws down a shield dome that blocks everything, including his own bullets and throwables. If caught out in the open, use Dome of Protection to buy time for the squad to recover. Be wary, enemies can rush inside and use the shield against Gibraltar and his team. If opponents are playing aggressive, Gibraltar and his squad can quickly dance in and out of the shield dome, shooting when outside and retreating back inside when enemies shoot back.

passive Ability: Gun Shield
Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.

When aiming, Gibraltar holds up a shield that will blocks that absorbs damage until it breaks under enemy fire. Gun Shield works best with snipers, charging up Peacekeepers, and any LMGs. However after the shield breaks, Gibraltar should find the nearest cover as his hitbox is huge and he’s an easy target.

Gun Shield doesn’t deploy immediately when aiming. If Gibraltar is planning on peaking around a corner, aim fist so the shield deploys, and then peak and shoot.

ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment
Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

Gibraltar throws a grenade that will mark an area to call in a mortar strike from above. Use this ultimate to control enemy movement by forcing them to rotate out of advantageous positions against Gibraltar’s squad. Be careful though, as Defensive Bombardment can hurt Gibraltar and slow down his teammates if they are caught inside the blasts area.

Gibraltar Weapon Combinations

Weapon combinations comes down to personal preference and should be heavily based upon your play style, as well as your team composition. My recommendation is to use weapons that make use of Gibraltar’s Gun shield.

Peacekeeper (or EVA-8 Auto)/R-99
Up close with a smile on his face
M600 Spitfire (or Devotion)/Longbow (or G7 Scout)
Shields and bullets raining down from afar
Gibraltar Legend Synergy

Bigger and slower than others, Gibraltar works great with Legends whose abilities make up for his lack of mobility. Hot dropping with a Wraith and Pathfinder will put an ear to ear smile on any Gibraltars face as he swings from Zipline to Portal amidst the battlefield chaos.

Lifeline works great with Gibraltar’s Dome of protection, as it allows the team to recover that much faster using her D.O.C Healing Drone before the shield dome disappears.