Pathfinder Guide: Ziplines & Grapples

By: Sa1na
Edited by: U.GG Sircretions

Pathfinder is the scout of Apex Legends, he is one of the more mobile legends with his skill set heavily focusing on mobility and gaining a positional advantage.

Pathfinder Abilities &
When To Use Them
tactical Ability: Grappling Hook
Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.

Pathfinder fires a grappling hook that attaches to a surface and pulls himself towards it.

The grappling hook is a hard skill to master and the easiest way to do so is with practice. Grappling Hook has a 15 second recharge time, which makes it one of the fastest recharging abilities in game. It’s an incredible and versatile tool that allows you to flank the enemy with ease, get to high ground get a positional advantage, or simply gain momentum in a gunfight.

After the grapple is complete it’s key that you still maintain momentum from the pull. A fast way to traverse the terrain is to aim at the ground ahead, ideally at max grapple range, and then fire the grapple while jumping right as the hook connects. This will launch you forward allowing you to slide when the grapple swing completes, maintaining momentum from the swing.

Additionally, the Grappling Hook can also be used on an unsuspecting enemy, pulling him out of position and right towards your shotgun.

passive Ability: Inside Knowledge
Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring's next location.

Often undervalued, this ability grants the Pathfinder and his squad a great strategic advantage. Considering that most late game fights can be decided with superior positioning, Pathfinder’s ability to foresee where the next circle will be allows your squad to set up in the right location and wait for the enemies to come to you. The survey beacons randomly spawn on top of buildings and are marked with radio tower beacons on the map. If you are close to the beacon while the circle is closing, wait for it to fully close before scanning, as you will get further information about the next circle.

ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun
Create a zipline for everyone to use.

Pathfinder’s ultimate lets him deploy a zipline from his position to a distant point, this zipline can be used both by your allies and your enemies, so be careful where you place it. Zipline has 1 minute and 30 seconds recharge time, the shortest cooldown of any ultimate ability in the game.

Combined with your passive in the later stages of the game, the zipline can be vital in reaching an advantageous position with your teammates above unsuspecting enemies.

Pathfinder Weapon Combinations

Weapon combinations comes down to personal preference and should be heavily based upon your play style, as well as your team composition. Considering that Pathfinder has the easiest access to high ground out of all Legends, I recommend running a sniper paired up with a weapon for close range.

Kraber (or Longbow)/Wingman
Rewarding good aim with high damage
Peacekeeper (or EVA-8 Auto)/Flatline (or M600 Spitfire)
For the aggressive combatant
Pathfinder Legend Synergy

Pathfinder can be played offensively and defensively opening up multiple possibilities in team compositions.

Pathfinder’s Insider Knowledge allows his team to be in right spot to prepare for your enemy’s arrival, therefore he pairs very well with Caustic. With optimal positioning, Caustic can set up his Nox Gas traps way before the enemies arrive making for a perfect ambush.

Pathfinder also has great synergy with Bangalore. Bangalore’s smoke that can be used to conceal rotations that Pathfinder sets up, allowing your squad to escape or engage unnoticed.

Lifeline or Gibraltar allow for a more defensive play style, allowing you to win most long range encounters with the free cover and sustain the two Legends provide. Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun also helps these two less mobile champion zip across the battlefield with ease.